FAQ 260: Allocations--Top heavy minimum to non-keys only


I ran the match calculations, including the forfeitures and changed those to input. The plan specs show the plan is top heavy and to allocate to non-keys only.

The contribution is being allocated to the employer balance field on the contribution screen and not the employer minimum field as I would expect. It is also allocating the forfeitures/contributions to the key employees.

It looks like the calculations are not seeing this as a top heavy plan. Would you mind taking a look at this?


This particular item is on our project list to handle in a different way, as certain plan setups do not allow the allocation to be done as coded. For now, the workaround is to clear out the Employer contribution and run the top-heavy calculation routine (Reports-Compliance-416 Top Heavy Minimum Calculation) and save the contributions as transactions and process them. That should then produce the correct contribution amounts with the keys are not getting the contribution. Also, don't forget to set the Force Contribution field in the source 2 specs to "Yes-Use Transactions/Input by EE" after you process the Employer contributions.