FAQ 268: Import--Storing a forced profit sharing and rollover contributions


We imported the profit sharing contribution into the Employer Minimum field. We also imported a rollover contribution and posted it as a transaction. Then, we ran calculations but forgot to change the source 2 plan specs to say that the contribution was input, so it seems that this zeroed out the profit sharing contributions that we imported. Now, we have imported the profit sharing again, however the contributions are not being reflected on the employee statement. Do we need to run calculations again? Also, the rollover is not being reflected; however, we see it in the employee record as a posted transaction.


When the profit sharing contribution is being forced, it should be stored in the Employer Balance field, rather than the Employer Minimum field. This will allow the reports to pick it up. The rollover should be stored as a "Transfer In" (type 3 transaction) to the rollover contribution source that you have designated. This allows for rollovers of greater than 99,999.99, which is the limit on the contribution field, and will also exclude it from being tested as a contribution in the compliance tests. It should then show up on the reports as long as it appears as a processed transaction and is posted to the Account Values screens in the employee record.