FAQ 283: Transactions--Setting the purchase date using global transaction edit


Since I haven't done much in Global Edit, and since in this case we are ONLY changing the Purchase Date for one batch, it would seem that the only thing I need to do under Edit Items is that date itself. I also assume I don't need to designate anything re: Types, Sources and Funds (on the left of screen) since I'm not changing those.


The Transaction Information on the left determines which transactions will be edited, not what transaction parameters will be edited. So you will want to make sure that all of the transactions to be edited are within the ranges that you are inputting for Transaction Dates, Batch Numbers, Types, Sources, and Funds. Any transaction that does not meet all five of those selection criteria will be ignored when the transactions are being edited.

The "Omit" option under Edit Items just omits that transaction parameter from the edit routine. In other words, it just leaves those transaction parameters alone - only those parameters set to "Set to constant" or "Input change" will be edited. We would never have a routine that deletes all transaction parameters by default.

All you should need to do is to select the proper transactions by inputting the correct selection criteria on the left, then change the Purchase Date option to "S-Set to constant", and then input the correct purchase date in the box to the right. That should then edit just the purchase date on those transactions and should leave everything else alone.