FAQ 287: Earnings--Override earnings for those already paid out


I have some participants that have been paid their vested account balance and should not receive earnings on their pooled profit sharing fund. How do I override their earnings to zero?


1. Change them to a status P, indicating they are paid. Delete any earnings currently in their account.
2. Check the Group Definition (GROUPDEF) screen to make sure status P is included in Group A. This is the default, but sometimes users change it.
3. Code the fund specs so that Group A (usually in Earnings Definition #3) has an earnings code of "D-Input(Total Account)".
4. Also, if you do *not* want these status P participants to forfeit their remaining account balance, be sure that Group A is *not* included in the "Groups Forfeit Non-Vested Benefit" field in the Source 2 Profit Sharing specs.