FAQ 290: Reports--Report for 4/1 to 5/31. How do I get the odd dates to print correctly?


I'm running a report for the period 4/1/05 through 5/31/05 but I can't get those dates to print on my account report. It's not a short plan year. I ran the 1st quarter report from 1/1/05 through 3/31/05 and did the mid-year update but they left us effective 6/1/05, so I don't have a full quarter to run this time. How can I get the dates to print 4/1/05 through 5/31/05?


The following should work to get it to print correctly:
- Change the Valuation Date in the Plan Specs to 5/31/05.
- Change the Valuation Frequency to "1-Year End".
- Print Reports/Valuation/401(k) and select the "Beginning of Period" option.