FAQ 354: Calculations--Matching forfeitures not reallocating


I created a forfeiture suspense account and the system is forfeiting from the suspense account but not reallocating. I am trying to reallocate match forfeitures and the only participants eligible to receive a share are those who received a match. The share of the forfeiture allocation is based on compensation.


The system is not reallocating the forfeitures because, for some reason, the Amount Forfeited is stored in the "Prior" column on the Account Values screen (for source 3 and fund 1), rather than in the "Current" column. If you manually move the 7597.66 from the Prior column to the Current column, then re-run calculations, you should see the forfeitures being reallocated to those with matching contributions. I don't know how that figure got in the Prior field (since the system should only store forfeited amounts from prior valuation periods during the current plan year in those fields), but the system definitely won't reallocate it if it isn't in the Current column. If you move it there yourself, you should be okay.