FAQ 365: Error 401 Adding a new employee


One of my co-workers is having trouble loading a new employee to ASC. We have tried manual entry and loading a file but neither are working. When doing a manual entry of a new employee the following message is being displayed. "Error=401:Msg=Cannot create new Employee: Cannot Create new Record: I/O error" I have tried it on my own ASC and I have no problem.


This error happens rarely when the system employee indexing gets "off" on a particular case. The fix is to make a Standard Copy (not Quick Copy) of the plan. To do this:
- Create a new plan
- Choose "File" and "Copy Plan"
- Choose "Standard Copy" as the Copy Option
- Click on the "Setup" button and choose the plan to copy from
- Click on the "OK" button to make the copy

Then you should be able to add employees without a problem.