FAQ 375: Vesting--Hard-coded years of service for second year plans


This is the second year for us with ASC. The first year we coded the Vesting screen, Hard-coded Yrs of Sve = "Yes", and we uploaded prior years of service for each employee. Now that we've updated the plan from 2006 to 2007, do we change this field to "No"? I believe the answer is that we leave it as "Yes" for all converted plans.


You should leave it coded as "Yes" as long as you want the system to pick up service from the "YrsSvc" field on the Dates and Status screen for each employee. Because you used it last year, you should probably use it again this year, to avoid having to input hours history for each employee. You should, however, input hours worked for employees this year, so that the years of service gets correctly updated from year to year.