FAQ 387: Contributions--Contribution values that were imported are rounded - why?


When running the Annual Additions compliance report, items loaded via the Variable Import wizard are being rounded to the nearest dollar? Allocations done by the system are not.


The compliance reports print directly from the Contributions (CONTRIB) screen. If you review the employee records, you will most likely see that the numbers on that screen are rounded. My guess is that when the file was imported, the Format that was selected for the contributions was incorrect - rounding to the dollar rather than to the penny.
The import wizard selects this Format automatically during the import setup, but there are situations where the user may need to manually override that setting. You should check the Format as you go through the Variable Import setup, to make sure that it is correct. What can happen is that if the first values in the column are something like 14000 (instead of 14000.00) - the import will select whole dollars as the default. Later entries of something like 12333.45 would be imported as whole dollars. You can also make it a habit to set your spreadsheet columns to XXX.xx format for contributions - then the import will always get the format selection correct. I think this is covered in the Variable Import wizard instructions under the file cleanup section.