; FAQ 403: Update--Restoring a plan from backup after rolling forward

FAQ 403: Update--Restoring a plan from backup after rolling forward


We have a plan that we ran an Annual Update on at the end of last year and we are wondering now if there is a way to go back and un-update the plan.


Assuming that the backup files were created (which is the default) when the update was run on the plan, there will be portable copy files for the plan that can be restored. The files are stored in a subdirectory under the \ASC directory called \BACKUP with subdirectories for the beginning of the plan years (\2019, \2020, etc.) and subdirectories within those years for disks (\D12, \D13, etc.). The backup files will be named based on the original disk and plan number. For example, if the plan was on the D12 disk (usually the "Active Plans" disk) and was plan number 150, the files for plan year beginning in 2020 would be named D120150* and would be in the \ASC\BACKUP\2020\D12 directory. The "*" after the disk and plan number in the file name will be "A" for the first backup made during that year, and any additional backups during that plan year would use the letters "B", "C", "D", etc.

Do the following to restore the plan:

- Create a New Plan ("File" and "New Plan") or click on the New Plan icon.
- Once the plan has been created, choose "File" and "Portable Copy".
- Choose the option "Copy INTO Plan from Files" and click on the "Setup" button.
- Select the *.BAF file for your plan in the Backup path specified above and then click on the "OK" button.
- Click on the "OK" button within the Portable Copy box and the plan will be restored back to the state that it was in prior to the update.