FAQ 411: Eligibility--Employees should be eligible on 7/1, but are not shown as entering


I am working on the attached plan and am having trouble with ASC calculating the eligibilty for a few people. These folks have 1 year of service and their date fall so they should be eligible 7/1/05. Please help me to figure out why the system will not set them as eligible 7/1/05. Thanks


There is a Plan Spec coding error in the General plan specs ELIG screen.
The question "Anniv Hours Provided" is answered "Yes", yet there are no Anniversary Hours input in the Employees' DATES screen. As a result, the system reads zero hours and determines that they are not yet eligible. There is only one client that I am aware of that actually tracks Anniversary Hours - as these require the tracking of a separate time period for each employee each year based on their DOH and its anniversary. The standard coding, which should be on your A9 PATTERN PLAN, is to answer "No" to this spec, and the system will do its own proration to arrive at anniversary hours for the first year of hire. Once you change Anniv Hours Provided to "No" and rerun eligibility calculations - these participants will be eligible.