FAQ 44: Grid--Adding a title to a grid; help with formula


Is there some way to add a title to a grid after you have opened it without having to reopen it?

Also we are looking for anyone who terminated before 1/1/2005 and has compensation. We wrote the formula as follows however it does not work. I can't see what we did wrong.



The only way to put a title on a grid is to input something in the "Title" box before clicking on the "Done" button to build the grid. If you have already displayed the grid, the only way to add a title is to choose View-Grid-Edit and then input something in the Title box and click on "Done" to rebuild the grid.

Change your formula to the following and it should work. Without the item at the beginning, the system will include anyone without a termination date, since the system's default for a blank date (1/1/1900) is before 1/1/2005.