FAQ 484: Forfeitures--Not allocating in compliance plan


We are working on a forfeiture reallocation for a client and the forfeitures are not being reallocated to the participants. Is there a step we are missing?


To review this, consider 2 steps:
1) Are forfeitures being generated?
2) Are forfeitures being allocated?

1) Are the forfeitures being generated?
Check the plan specs on the Forfeitures (FORF) screen in the Values section of the specs to see if there is a value in the "From all Sources" field. Check the individual employee records on the Account Values (VALUE) screens to see if you see the appropriate Amount Forfeited for that Source.
If they are not, make sure that the proper status code has been changed to "F" for the eligibility that is forfeiting (e.g. PS may be tied to secondary eligibility so you must make sure the secondary status code is F). Also check the source specs to be sure that the "Input Forfeited Amount" field is set to "No".

2) Are the forfeitures being allocated?
If they are being generated, but not allocated, check the source specs to make sure that the "Force Forfeitures" field is set to "No". Also, check the Groups Elig. and Hours field for forfeitures on this screen - if this is 34 and 1000 hours, then only actives (statuses ABC) with 1000 hours will receive the forfeiture allocation. Check the employee records to be sure the participants have limited compensation, an eligible status code, and the minimum required hours to receive the forfeiture.

If this doesn't help, send the plan to support with an explanation of the problem.