FAQ 500: Reports--Earnings are only showing for 1 fund out of 3


I have input fund earnings in the fund specs for the three funds, but only fund 1 is showing earnings on the investment summary. What am I doing wrong?


Check the following items in the specs, as earnings allocations are based on the following items:

1. Fund specs for all funds: Fund Earnings amount (which you have input); all status code groups (3456789AB) accounted for in the Earnings Definitions groups; Earnings Definitions of "1-Prior Account" or "7-Time Weighted (Trans)". Remember that option "D-Input (Total Account)" assumes that earnings have been are input.

2. Source specs (for all active sources): Check the weighting factors at the bottom of the screen if you are not using transaction date-weighting (i.e. Earnings Definition "7-Time Weighted (Trans)" in the fund specs). A weight of "0" or a blank indicates the system assumes money came in on the last day of the year. A weight of "1.000" assumes money came in on the first day of the year.

3. Employee records: Check the Average Balance and the Interest Allocation Base fields on the Account Values screens. Make sure that you have selected a source and fund, and not just totals for all sources and funds, so you can move through each fund and check them individually. These amounts are derived from the prior account balance and the weighting factors that you assigned in the source specs.

4. Calculations: Make sure that all the calculations have run completely through, and you are not just using "Selected Calculations". Skipping a step could cause the interest allocation base not to be computed, and therefore earnings not to be allocated.