FAQ 525: Calculations--Deferrals in employee records zeroed out in valuation calcs


I have imported deferrals and physically hand input them, and when I run complete calcs, it
zeros out the deferrals. Why is this happening?


The deferral source specs have the Force Contribution field coded as "No". This tells the system to calculate the deferrals (typically done only when you have input deferral percents and are trying to do a projected test of some type), and because the deferrals do not have a formula associated with them, it is setting your input amounts to zero. Change this field to "Yes", re-import or re-input the deferrals, and they should be left alone when you run calculations.

A related problem is not correctly setting the fund split spec on this screen. If you want the system to use fund splits from the transaction system, the fund split spec should be set to "99-Input". If you are only doing testing, and don't care about fund splits, set this spec to "1-Directly to Fund 1". If you want the system to use the fund split percentages in the employee record, code the spec to "0-Elections".