FAQ 528: Reports--Match Verification report not printing variances


When I ran the 9/30/2005 Match Formula Verification Report, it compared the actual match to the formula match. This year when I ran the Match Formula Verification Report, it only listed the formula match and did not compare it to the actual match.

Please review the attached plan and let me know what I'm missing.


The problem is in the Source 3 plan specifications. If you click on the "Show Match Fmla" button, and look under Sources Included in Match Calculation, you have Source 4 checked. These sources actually represent additional deferral amounts that will be added to source 1 in calculating the match. This is explained in the Help screen. Since you have it coded to add Source 4 to the deferral, it isn't including the Source 4 contribution in the actual match on the report. Uncheck Source 4, save the specs and re-run the Match Verification Report and you should see the correct numbers in the actual match column.