FAQ 542: Eligibility--Different requirements for part vs. full-time employees


I have a plan with the following eligibility requirements:
Full-Time: No Svc/Age 21, Monthly Entry
Part-Time: 6 mos svc/Age 21, Monthly Entry
How do we code in ASC?


You may want to code these two groups of employees in separate locations. This will make grid navigation more specific and will allow you test them separately if that is necessary. Here is what you can do for elig:

1. Code the full time eligibility parameters in primary elig in plan specs. Run elig only so that everyone comes in on that basis.

2. Set up a grid with primary status code, and use the "Select Employees" option to select status code B and, if you have coded location, just those in full-time location.

3. If you have all the full time employees in one location, go to View-Grid-Set Column Data and select PARTSTAT as your column to update. Under "From", leave it set to "Constant". In the box under "Constant", type "C" (without the quotes). This will set all the new entrants (currently status B) to status C, freezing their entry dates for the next eligibility run. If you don't have full-time set up as a location (if the plan is small, for example), you can just change the statuses one at a time from B to C.

4. Code the part-time eligibility parameters in the primary eligibility specs and run Eligibility calculations only. You may want to repeat step 3 above to freeze their entry dates so that you can run eligibility on new entrants in this two-step process in the future.

5. Current terminees will be coded as terminated regardless of their status as B or C. Ineligibles should still show up as S or Y.