FAQ 565: Import--Code to not import blank SSN and delete blank SSN records


I used the import wizard to bring in prior plan year hours for participants, which worked. The problem is that there were a bunch of other participants on the file that we did not have in ASC yet and it added them, without socials. My file had socials and hours only.

My first question is what do I need to do differently to make sure it only updates information for participants actually in the system and my second question is how do I get rid of all of the participants I incidentally added?


To not add employees without a matching employee in ASC:

When you get to the "Specify index and records to be added" step of the wizard, click on the "Edit" button, then select the "Ignore entry if no match found" option.

To delete the employees with no SSN:

Go into the EMPLOYEE application and choose View-Grid-New. Select the fields SSNUM, NAME and NUMBER and click on the "Done" button to build the grid. Once the grid is open with these fields showing, go to View-Grid-Select Employees, change the Type box to "Formula Expression", and input the following in the Expr. box:


Click on the "Execute" button to evaluate your formula - it should return either a "T" for true or an "F" for false. Click "OK" on the Select Employees screen and the grid should populate with only employees who have blank SSNs.

Then choose View-Grid-Set Column Data. Under Update, select the NUMBER field, leave the From box set to "Constant" and input "D" (make sure that it is a capital D) in the Value box.

This will code all of the employees with a blank SSN as marked for deletion. Then to delete them, from the ASC Main Menu, choose Utilities-Change Structure-Delete 'D' EE #'s.