FAQ 570: Employee data--Merging two SSNs to create one employee record


I have a plan where a participant had one SSN from 2001-2005. When we imported the 2006 census, her SSN changed. We would like to merge the SSNs together. Can this be done??

111-12-3333 has all of the history 01-05
111-21-3333 has the 2006 info.

We need to merge the two SSN's info into 111-21-3333.


We have a merge census option under File-Copy Plan, but that is designed to merge SSNs of duplicate records across two plans. There is also the Combine EE under Change Structure-Combine EEs that will merge SSN's for one employee.

For that reason, you may want to input the 2006 data into the record with the historical data, and then delete that 2006 employee record.