FAQ 589: Eligibility--Entry date later than it should be


Please see the attached case. Please take a look at John Doe. His date of entry should be 11/1/2006 based on his hire date and completion of 1000 hours in 2006. ASC is bringing him in on 1/1/2007 and we don't know why. Please take a look at the specs and let me know what we need to do.


Remember the entry date calculations try to determine the Hours the first year from the DOH to the first anniversary of their DOH...then it reverts to plan years after that.
So - for John Doe:
It takes all of his 2005 hours - which is "1".
To this it adds a proration of his 2006 hours attributable to the period 1/1/2006 to 10/27/2006.
1000 hours * (306days/365days) = 838 hours (appx)
So for this period: 1 hour 838 hours = 839 hrs
It is less than 1000, so it reverts to a plan year and he comes in on 1/1/07.

In these scenarios, it is better to put in the real hours, rather than just 1 or 1000.
In any event, if you change his 2005 hours to 200 hours or so, or else change his current hours to 2000 if he is full time -- it will put the entry as you expect.