FAQ 622: Allocations--Forfeiture account needs earnings added so that balance earnings can be forfeited


I have a forfeiture account that received earnings. Can I input the earnings someplace so that they will get reallocated along with the terminated participants who are forfeiting?


1. PLANSPEC-General-Definitions-GROUPDEF: Be sure that you have status F coded in group B.
2. PLANSPEC-Fund: Make sure that you have "D=Input (Total Account)" coded for group B.
3. PLANSPEC-Source: Code group B as forfeiting.
4. Assuming that you have an employee named "forfeiture", code them as status "F" and input their earnings under the appropriate fund and source on the Account Values screens.

Then when you run calculations, the system should allocate those additional earnings along with the forfeited amounts from the other participants' accounts.