FAQ 649: Error=352 in Variable Import wizard...No such Item=NAME


I'm trying to import just the SSNs and Hours through the Variable Import Wizard and am receiving an error message ("Error=352: Msg=Item Error: No such Item=NAME"). I have tried multiple times and have verified my data. I have attached my file, the error message, & the VIF file.


Go to the "Specify index and records to be added" step of the import wizard, click on the "Edit" button, choose your index, and uncheck the "Show Name on Update Report" box. Then it should run without the error. With that box checked, the wizard attempts to print the employees' names on the report, and then returns that error since there are no names in the file (or there are names in the file, but you are not importing them).
Additionally,The error 352 is sometimes caused because a SSN is not formatted correctly - for example it has 8 digits rather 9. Check your SSNs to see if that is the case; you do need leading zeros.

The name 352 error can be caused if you are trying to import first name and last name into the one name field on ASC. You need to merge the names into one field in excel before importing it into ASC.

Lastly, these errors can sometimes be caused when an import item is formatted incorrectly. Check the import layout to make sure that the data items have the correct Type and Format assigned to them.