FAQ 667: Match--Quarterly valuation and missing prior matches on Contributions screen


I updated a couple of six month valuations and found that the prior match does not show up on the Contributions screen. The deferral from the prior period shows up but not the match. Both deferrals and match were processed before updating and show on the Account Values screens.


If the prior match is in the VALUES screen, but not the CONTRIB screen, my guess is that at some point - likely at the 6/30 valuation - a valuation calculation was run without any compensation input, and the match amounts were all determined to be in excess of 415. Excess 415 adjustments are made only on the Contributions screen, so they wouldn't necessarily be seen when doing quarterly reports. When doing quarterly valuations, it is important to change the specs to say that either comp has not been input on the Compensation Definition (COMPDEF) screen, or that reductions should not be made for 415 excesses on the Benefit Limits (BENLIMIT) screen. To fix it, you can use the grid's Set Column Data feature to copy the Prior Match from the VALUE screen to the CONTRIB screen.