FAQ 693: Employee data--Delete block of employees with spreadsheet data


I have a spreadsheet with 500 employees marked for deletion. How do I get this data into the 2000 ee ASC case and delete these 500 employees?


Make sure that your spreadsheet has a "D" in one column, and the employee SSNs in another column. Save the spreadsheet as a tab-delimited text file with no headings, totals or blank lines.

Before you do any work in the case, make a quick copy or a portable copy of the plan to save the data before doing any deletions just as a safeguard.

Use ASC's Variable Import wizard (Access-Ascript-Wizards-Import) to import the "D" into the NUMBER field on the NAME screen of the employee record.

Once the employees are marked for deletion, go to Utilities-Change Structure-Delete 'D' EE #'s.