; FAQ 694: Earnings-Can earnings or ending balances be imported for segregated accounts?

FAQ 694: Earnings-Can earnings or ending balances be imported for segregated accounts?


As of now, we enter the earnings for segregated accounts manually into ASC through the Interest from Balance routine. We'd like to know if it is possible to import those figures into ASC from our trust accounting spreadsheet.

Specifically what we need to know is whether or not we can import one number, whether it be the Ending Balance or the Total Earnings, from the spreadsheet and then let ASC split it all out between sources.



There is a way to import either the ending balances, or the earnings amounts, as transactions and then have the Interest from Balance routine look at those transactions when splitting the earnings across sources. The Interest from Balance routine (Calculations - Fund Calcs - Interest from Balance) has been enhanced to allow for the import of interest or ending balance amounts as transactions, rather than inputting them for each individual.

The “Earnings” option will read transactions input or imported provided the user has checked the “Use Zero-Source Interest Transactions” box. Enter the Transaction Date of these transactions. Note that these interest transactions (type 6) should be input using Source "0" (zero) to be read by this program. Zero source interest transactions will not be processed when choosing the normal Calculations - Transactions - Process menu choice.

The “Market Value” option will read ending balance transactions provided the user has checked “Use Ending Balance Transactions” on the setup screen and entered a Transaction Date. The program will then read the account balance (type 10) transactions as the ending balance to use in determining the interest. This program will read type 10 transactions coded to Source 0, as well as to individual sources. These transactions should not be processed when processing other types of transactions.