FAQ 696: Rollovers--How should they be input?


How should rollovers be input into the system? The Contribution field seems to be limited to 99,999.99.


Since rollovers are not contributions, but rather transfers from other plans (typically), rollovers should always be shown as Transfers In and not Contributions. Not only are the Contribution fields limited 99,999.99 (since the current 415 limit is less than half of that figure), but if the rollovers are input as contributions, then they will be included in 415 and 404 testing. They also should not be shown as contributions because they are actually the result of prior contributions, and other activity, not current contributions.

We always tell users to input rollovers as either Transfers In (either manually or as type 3 transactions), or as type 33 transactions (Rollover Transfer In), which are posted to the Transfer In field as well. Input the rollover as a transfer in and you shouldn't have any problems.