; FAQ 779: Importer--Mass Mutual/Empower

FAQ 779: Importer--Mass Mutual/Empower


I am attempting to upload information from Mass Mutual and need help.


Empower now owns Mass Mutual and the Hartford block if you need to import a plan on the old Hartford platform, you will be looking for a .DAT file and import using Hartford-TRAC. There are specific details to include when creating or requesting your file - Location = Affiliate and choose SSN for Sort.

For the Mass Mutual platform, use Importer and the Mass Mutual link.
Instructions from Mass Mutual for download:
File name should look like this
contract# instead of XXXXX
XXXXX_1_1_RMAP20071.231 will look like a text file with no extension.

Log On to Total Retirement Center (www.massmutual.com/retire, Plan Sponsor Website, Total Retirement Center)
Once logged in, look for "Quick Clicks" on left side of screen
Select "File Transfer" from dropdown menu
Select "Receive Files" from File Transfer Screen
A list of files available for download will appear.