FAQ 783: Fund Elections--Copying the election percents after adding a new source


The plan I am working on has just added a Roth source. I went into the plan specs and added Roth as a source and set the specs to "Yes-Use Transactions/Input by EE" and "99-Input" for the fund split option. I have entered the monthly payroll for the participants, but anyone with Roth contributions has their Roth contributions going directly to Fund 1. What do I need to do to have ASC recognize each employee's fund percents for the newly added Roth source?


We have a utility on the Utilities-Change Structure menu called "Copy Fund Percents" (near the bottom of the list) that will allow you to copy elections from one source to another when the elections have been stored with a source number (instead of source 0, which applies to all money sources, even new money sources). Use this utility to copy elections from a source such as deferral, input an effective date for the elections, and click "OK" to copy the elections.

Then go to Calculations-Transactions-Process, choose the "Process Allocation Percents" option, and set up the screen for the one batch you just created. That will then post the elections to the Account Values screens as well, so that the system will always have something to fall back on if it does not find elections stored as transactions in the current plan year.