FAQ 807: Retirement Dates -- Recalculating after wrong Plan Spec coding


We had originally coded the Normal Retirement Age wrong in the Plan Specs last year. We've already rolled forward. I have corrected the Plan Specs, but don't see the dates changing. Is there a way to get ASC to recalculate the Normal retirement fields?


These dates can be recalculated - depending on the Participant Status Code. Status A does not have any dates recalculated. This is intentional to lock in these dates for active participants when the plan is rolled forward to the new year. If the document is later amended and these provisions changed, their dates are locked that first year. If you later want to change these dates, you must first use a Grid to set everyone that is a status A to a status C. This will allow the system to recalculate all dates, except for Entry Date. For those employees with a Termination Date (current or prior years term) - the system will not recalculate those dates - *unless* they are blank - as it assumes they were not subject to the latest amended provisions.

First - use a Grid to set all your status As to Cs.
Second - us a Grid to list just those with a Termination Date and then clear those Retirement Dates so they are blank.
Third - Select Calculations-Valuation-Selected Calculations and check "Eligibility" to run through calculations and reset those dates.