FAQ 841: Importer -- is there a way to import this file from AXA?


Can I import this file from AXA?


This .dat file you sent from AXA can be manipulated to work with the MFS module in ASC's Importer. Contact ASC for the instructions to help you manipulate such a file from AXA in the future. I caution you to check every detail of all import fields to determine and confirm that it is importing the data to the correct fields. At a glance, this file successfully imports using the MFS import module. I am guessing AXA also has the same format and thus the reason why you can import on this platform.
This import module was made for Mass Financial Services downloaded files for import to ASC. We cannot validate the correctness of using this module for importing files for other companies (such as American Funds or AXA). The use of this MFS module for other company downloads is at your own discretion.