FAQ 888: Error message 351 -- DC type plan NOT A9


Error 351 is coming up in a few places on a dc(not A9) type plan.
When I try to do a portable copy or run tests,
whats up?


The DC plan type is not compatible with our new VS file manager, reports, calculations, etc. This plan will need to be converted to an A9 file type.

Plan type--convert a DC plan to an A9 plan

You will not lose the information. You can run a conversion to change the DC plan to an A9 plan.
Close the plan on ASC so that "Untitled" displays in the title bar.
Select Utilities - Conversion - Account Type
In the "Convert From" box, browse to your current DC plan.
The "Convert To" box will then indicate that it will be converted to an A9 plan.
Click on "Convert".
A new A9 plan will be created that contains all the data that was in your DC plan.
You can now delete the old DC plan.