FAQ 956: Deleted employee by accident - How to Retrieve Data from an older plan for one employee?


We accidentally removed an employee with lots of history and we would like to retrieve this employee from an older plan. How can we do this?


1). Locate older case and current case numbers. (ie. D12 and plan number 1234)
2). If you need to bring in the older portable copy from backup- First create a new plan (File-Create New Plan) and then (File-Portable copy) and Setup retrieve from the ASC\BACKUP\2012\D12\ folder., click OK and the new plan you created will now hold the backed up plan.
3). Close the old plan - note the plan number and disk (ie. D21:0007)
4). Open the new plan (ie. D21:0001) - Click on File - Copy Plan - BUT change to Merge Census from another plan. Click on Setup and find the old plan you brought in (ie. D21:0007) then click on the Magnifying glass next to Copy only Employee Key: and locate the employee from the Find Employees window highlight or select and click OK. You will see their employee key number in the box when you return to the Copy Plans screen. Click OK on this screen and that one employee should copy into this new plan.