; FAQ 957: Earnings- explanation of how to input earnings/fees

FAQ 957: Earnings- explanation of how to input earnings/fees


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You asked about Earnings and Fees - below is a Summarized description of all earnings or fees in ASC.


-Any data may be manually INPUT via the VALUES in EE Records, go to the Values screen and make the screen in edit mode (NO TOTALS). You must be in a Fund and a Source to edit.
Use Ctrl F7 to change the Fund or Source, also use the Employee menu-Options-Auto Next settings to help you move through input quickly. The earnings or fees may be posted to the Interest or Expenses fields. The Expense field is already setup as a negative field so you should input a positive number. However, on occasion there are negative earnings so the Earnings/Interest field will accept a negative earnings amount. See page 82 of pdf or page 2-4 of chapter 2 of the DC401k training manual under Help-Manuals.

-If the data is in a spreadsheet format it may be imported via Ascript-Import to the CASHTRANS fields as transactions OR to the actual fields on VALUES, the same rules apply as mentioned above regarding positive and negative numbers. Reference, chapter 3 of the Systems Reference manual under Help-Manuals.
-If you are able to download the data from a fund house such as John Hancock, etc, it may be imported via Importer and a specific Fund House, see Chapter 5 of the DC401k training manual.
-Any data may be input via a Grid or Grid Template (built specifically for the plan) matching the funds and sources available in this plan. Helpful references would be Chapter 11, page 11-11 of the DC401k training manual as well as Chapter 2 on Employee data. There is also chapter 4 of the Systems Reference manual and an entire manual on the Grid under Help-Manuals.
-If needing to split the earnings across sources you may input the earnings via a Grid Template we saved on your system one to use called “INTEREST FROM BALANCE_EARNINGS INPUT.GRD” See below and please reference Help-Manuals and DC401k training manual, page 116 of the pdf or Chapter 4-10 (with screenshots),

-Likewise there are specific splits for fees across sources using a similar method as the Interest from Balance program only you use the Transactions-Fees and Expenses program. This is covered in Chapter 7 of the DC401k training manual, page 7-13 or 160 of the pdf.