FAQ 996: Update--Update to Next Plan Year status D and R with 2000 hours posts to history


I've noticed when I roll-forward that anyone with a status of R or D is populating the year of termination and any subsequent year with “2000” hours in history.
Is there a way to stop this from happening? I prefer to store actual hours in history.


The issue has to do with the Plan Spec coding of any status code such as RD or even T in the GROUPDEF screen, “Ignore hours for status codes”. If the status code is listed in this field and the Update to New Plan Year is run the system will automatically give these individuals a historical year with 2000 hours. This was specific programming as 2000 hours is an unusual posting vs. 1 hour or 1000.

These particular status codes are usually set manually but you can alter them when running the update to new plan year by checking the box “Convert terminees to status code T/W” and you insert the statuses of RD there in the space.

If you remove the coding in Plan Specs “Ignore hours for status codes” no hours are posted to the historical hours field.

Two possible resolutions: check box “Convert terminees” on the Update screen or remove statuses from “Ignore hours” in Plan Specs.