FAQ 1015: Importing Transactions replaces STANDARD Variable Transaction



I am trying to import earnings transactions from plan to plan. I extract from Transaction Listing and used to import using the STANDARD table.


The employees must already be listed in both files, including full SS#

The steps are as follows:

If you have previously used our STANDARD table and Variable Transaction Import program, you will now need to use Ascript / Import. Details on creating a new import are located in Chapter 3, beginning 3-24 of the Systems Reference Manual. For the purposes of copying transactions from one case to another, ASC has a Variable Import File already created for you.

1) Download the Ascript file "Transaction Import VIF" from our website under User Documentation

2) On the Scratch plan, access Reports / Transaction / Listing. Select the desired specific transaction parameters and check the boxes "Create extract file" and "Tab-delimited format". Name the file and give it a .TXT extension. Do not mask SSN. The file layout will include these fields: Name, SSN, Transaction Type Name, Tran Date, Purchase Date, Amount, Fund, Source, Storage, Batch, Calculated Amount, and Key.

3) Go to the new plan, Click on Access / Ascript / Import. Open the "Transaction Import.VIF" and follow the prompts. The default Index is SSN, but you can change to Name if desired. You can run in Test mode and preview the items before you actually save the data. You will be prompted to assign a batch number.

This standard preset Ascript import should handle all transactions types, as well as share and decimal formatting for a file that was generated from another plan on ASC. If other alterations are needed to the preset VIF, there is an opportunity for that, but you should save the modified version with a different name.