FAQ 537: Error - Summary Record Already Exists


When updating the Pending Summary File - We already correct this error when it occurs. I just wanted to check if it is the best way to correct it. I'm also wondering what may be triggering it.

This error doesn't occur too often though we had it occur twice in the last 10 days or so. It starts with an error tally above 0 at dvXpress. The error message is "The summary already exists and has been ordered". I note the plans (and dates) affected at dvXpress. I archive so there are less transactions to look at next. I open the Pending Transaction screen and carefully delete the affected plans, which is usually everything on the screen. I run the global functions (Extract Pending & Update Pending below that) and the error tally is back to 0 at dvXpress.


This is a timing error. The system is telling you that you are tying to update records for the same plans, same date, same export type and same trade date that already exist in the Pending Summary File. For these records, the system tries to combine like trades that have the same date. If they have already been ordered, the system can't/won't combine the records, and thus they don't get updated in the Pending Summary File.

To correct - you basically need to eliminate the date conflict by either:
- editing the dates of the affected transactions in the Pending Transaction File, or
- editing the dates of the ordered trades in the Pending Summary File, or
- archive the Pending Summary File if the trades have already been confirmed

To avoid this, if you follow a standard procedure and only update the Pending Summary File once per day after your cutoff time (i.e. limit the number of times you are running through the daily functions), you shouldn't ordinarily run in to this issue. It typically occurs when the Pending Summary File is updated and trades ordered, and then updated again the same same day.