FAQ 792: Extract - records are not being processed. Transition file not found.


Having an issue with the extract - records are not being processed.
Has 4 payrolls that were input, split and output - all good. Then did extract and it is saying no records processed...went through records and sees: "Open transition file 610 file not found, Open transition file 611, file not found..." I see the files in the NPL directory as normal.


Dates did not automatically change - apparently the ASC system was not closed the previous day - however when she changed the dates manually it ran fine.
The dates in the Extract step are set to be yesterday and today by default. They were showing 6/10 & 6/11 instead of 6/11 & 6/12. These dates are determined when invoking ASC and the Daily Val window each day; apparently ASC was left open since the prior day. Daily val users need to close and open ASC each day.