FAQ 811: How to Rebalance Portfolio


Is there any documentation available for how to rebalance a portfolio?
Thank you!


Rebalancing to a portfolio (profile in ASC) is really a 2 step process:
1. Join or change the profile
2. Rebalance based on new profile
Both can be done on Gemini during the same login.

To accomplish the same on ASC, you have 2 options:
• Access DVInquir and make the 2 changes as noted above for Gemini.
• Access the EE Fund Percent screen and Add new profile (see Online help for more details). Then access Fund Calcs/Redistribute from Fund Percent and run for one employee.

If you want to do this for all EEs on a plan, you should input the profile code for each employee, then run the Verify Profiles functions to update profile percents to each employee. Then run the Rebalance (Redistribute from Fund Percent) program and check the box run for a single profile. Attached is our documentation on Investment Profiles.

There is also the ability to perform an Auto-Rebalance in ASC and Gemini. Attached is our documentation that outlines that process.