FAQ 815: Rate of return not displayed on Gemini


If rate of return is not being calculated:

Checked the price file - if price is being updated
Checked and input first of the year and end of prior year prices

What else can I verify? Thanks.


When an asterisk appears, that basically means the ROR being calculated is greater than the acceptable range of 50% to -50%. We choose not to display as there is a good chance the ROR is incorrect. This could result from missing prices which will skew the calculation.

To reproduce the ROR, you can review the ROR in DVINQUIR, which will create a log file that outlines the actual calculation.

1). On the workstation add the following to the [dbServer] section of the \Windows\Asc.ini file (where 'x' is the server ASC is located on):

2). Access the participant in DVINQUIR and select the ROR box.

3). On the Values screen, the ROR will be displayed.

4). Use RateofReturnLogFile to review the ROR calculation. Use RateofReturnZeroPriceFile to verify prices.

This will give you a better idea of why the ROR is not being displayed