FAQ 875: Running Fees in Batch


We are trying to get organized and be prepared for our billing at the end of the quarter. I have the section that describes fees, but was wondering if there is a section that discusses how to set up the scripts and how to use them for the billing/fee purposes?


Basically, there are three aspects of batch fees:
1. You'll find the Scripting Control field in Plan Specs on the Corporate Information screen. It's pretty free form, so you can use something logical like 'Fees'. This should be coded for all plans that you want to process fees for in the same batch run.
2. If fees vary plan by plan, you can code the fee type and corresponding percent or amount on the Daily Valuation Fees screen in Plan Specs. If all or most of your plans have the same fee structure, you don't need to code that screen in Plan Specs
3. Without a plan open, you can select Calculations, Transactions, Fee & Expenses. If you click on the Batch Selection button, you can indicate what plan types, disk and scripting control to use.

When you execute this function, all plans with the indicated script control will get picked up and fees processed based on what is coded in plan specs. Or - you can run the batch ignoring the coded plan specs and just enter the fees directly on the Fees and Expenses screen (i.e. if the same percentage is being used for all plans). Note that when running in batch, there are a number of selections that are not available, e.g. source and fund selections. Also, it's usually best to run this during off peak times - early morning or late in the day, as I did discover if a plan is open by another user, the expenses will error out for that plan and not be processed.