; FAQ 1010: Archiving Plans

FAQ 1010: Archiving Plans


What options do I have for saving a copy of a case before updating the files to the next plan year?


One option is to check the "Create for case prior to update" option in the Backup Files frame on the Update to New Period setup screen. Backup files will be created and stored in your ASC > BACKUP directory by year and disk library. Year is based on the year in which the plan year begins, not the year in which the valuation date falls.

For example, if you update a file with a disk and plan number of D12:0304 with a 10/1/2021 to 9/30/2022 plan year, backup files will be stored in the ASC > BACKUP > 2021 > D12 directory with file names of D120304A. Approximately 8 separate files will be created for a DB plan; there are approximately 12 for a DC plan.

If you need to restore a file, go to File > New Plan or click on the new plan icon and open a pattern plan of the type you are restoring in the library where you want to store the file. Click on File > Portable Copy, select "Copy INTO Plan from Files", click on the Setup button and set the Path to access the BACKUP directory where the files are stored. Click on the .BAF file, then Open and then OK to import the file.

For a second option, you can use the D13 Archive library to save a file before updating. Go to File > New Plan and open a pattern plan of the type you are archiving. Click on File > Copy Plan, click on the Setup button and choose the library where the current plan is saved; use the Show Plans option and highlight the plan to copy, then click OK. You can use the Memo and Client No. fields on the ID screen to enter the valuation date and other identifying information that will help you locate the file when using the Show Plans option.