; FAQ 1098: Mortality Tables - 1D Projected Mortality Scales

FAQ 1098: Mortality Tables - 1D Projected Mortality Scales


Where can I download the SC BB mortality projection scales for males and females?


On the Client Support Website / UPDATES & DOWNLOADS / ASC SYSTEM TABLES, locate the Scales AA and BB.zip file. This zip file contains the individual projection scales for importing. The scales included are:


After downloading and extracting the zip file, follow these instructions:
1. Go to ASC Main Menu > Access > Table Maintenance
2. Under Functions open the Import/Export Tables option
3. Verify the Import Table from File option is selected
4. Press the Setup button. A file browser will open.
5. Navigate to the extracted files and select the scale to import
6. Press Open
7. Press Import Table to import. If the projection scale is already on your system, a message will be displayed instead of importing it.
Repeat the above steps for each projection scale you intend to import.

To verify the tables have been imported, within Table Maintenance > General, click on Mortality. 1D projection scales are listed with mortality tables. In general, the 1D projection scales start with the letters SC.

If you imported tables while you have a plan open, go to Plan Specifications > File > Reload tables to refresh which tables are viewable in the drop-down menus.