; FAQ 1132: DB Training Resources

FAQ 1132: DB Training Resources


Is there a list of DB Training Resources available?


We have several self-study resources for both introductory DB system training as well as training on more advanced topics.

1) Exploring ASC's Client Support Center - Submit Support Request, System Training tab, FAQs tab

2) DB Video Series - Client Support Center \ System Training \ Training Video Series tab - bite-sized videos on specific system topics

3) Archived webcasts - Client Support Center \ System Training \ Web Seminars - Select “Defined Benefit” in the drop-down menu. There are several archived webcasts available. Handouts for these webcasts are also available and may be an incredible resource for training in case you do not have time to watch the archived webcast.

a. Defined Benefit Basics - A great hourlong introduction to working in ASC DB system for beginners or for those needing a refresher

b. Coding and Valuing Cash Balance Plans - An overview of the ASC DB system features specific to cash balance plans

c. 401(a)(4) Testing for DB and DC/DB Plans - there is a Basic and an Advanced version

d. DB Valuation System: 415 Calculations - Includes guidance on how coding in Plan Specifications affects 415 calculations, calculation examples for 415 benefit, 415 lump sum, PPA Funding, and more.

e. DB Top Tips - most years, we cover 10 topics to give you pointers on how to be an efficient user of the system
- DB Cumulative List of ASC DB Top Tips Webcast Topics - 2013 to 2021.pdf is available in the Client Support Center \ Updates & Downloads. This is a cumulative list of topics we've covered - you can pick and choose which webcast and handout you want to look up.

4) DB Reference Manual - available through ASC system main menu > Help > Manuals

5) F1 Online help - click F1 while sitting on any ASC field to learn more about that field

6) Self-Training Guide for the ASC Defined Benefit Valuation and Combo Testing System:

a. Self-Training Guide for the DB and Combo Testing System.pdf and Self-Training Guide for the DB and Combo Testing System - Testing Only.pdf: Available for download in Client Service Center \ Updates & Downloads

b. You can explore individual topics in-depth by applying the “Read-Watch-Practice” model to learn about those topics that interest you most.

c. The document is a robust training resource which can be viewed from start to finish or for guidance on a specific topic.