FAQ 344: Pre-PPA Funding Methods - Coding FIL in first year of plan


I am using FIL for a new plan. I first calculated costs etc. on EAN. I stored the UAL in the system and set up a base. My cost method in Funding \ FUNDMETH was changed to 6 - Aggregate over Comp and I reran costs on individual costs. The calculations are correct for 412 but for 404 the system is not offsetting the UAL for normal cost or calculating the 10 yr charge.

What am I missing?


You should not need to set up a base on the separate bases screen. Instead make sure the Initial Unfunded amount is stored on the Plan Specs/View/Cost/Basis screen as a negative number in Gain on Plan Amendment. The system should automatically calculate the correct amortization payments for both 404 and 412.