; FAQ 490: Copying census data from a DC plan to a DB plan

FAQ 490: Copying census data from a DC plan to a DB plan


We have a client with a DC and DB plan. We have entered the census data in the DC plan. How can we transfer the data to the DB plan without entering the whole thing again?


There are three options for transferring census from a DC plan to a DB plan.

1. Utilities > Export > DC Census to DB
a) Upload the census data to the DC plan, run the Utilities > Data Check > Employee Data program and make any required changes.
b) With the DC plan open, select Utilities > Export > DC Census to DB
c) In the Export Census menu that opens, select Multiple Plans and setup the DB plan if the plans are not already paired through Multiple Plan Maintenance
d) Select an Employee Matching option and click OK to run the utility
New employees will be added if there is no match on the Employee Matching index selected. The fields that will transfer are:
Name, SSN, Officer, Ownership %, Family, Spouse and Lineal Descendant/Ascendant Codes, Key & HCE Status, Location Code, Birth, Hire, Termination and Rehire dates, Hours and Compensation which will be loaded into both the Current Compensation and Compensation Rate fields in the DB plan.

2. Copy Basic Employee Data, Including History, Into a New DB Plan
This option can transfer basic census data such as names, dates, and compensation from a DC to a DB plan. To use this feature, you must first create a new plan under File > New Plan (create a new DB plan, in this case), then select File > Copy Plan. You will then need to uncheck "Quick Copy" and check "Copy and Clear Employee Fields". The "Maintain Transaction Records", "Maintain History Records", and "Maintain Plan Specifications" options will then be enabled. You can uncheck all these options, bringing over basic census data only. Then click on the "Setup" button and choose the DC plan to copy the census from. Note: In order to transfer data between DC and DB plans, the option "Maintain Plan Specifications" must be unchecked. If not, an error message will appear indicating that the "Plan is not type DB (or DC)".

3. The third option for moving data between DC and DB plans is to create a file of the census data that you want to move, and then use ASCript to import the data into the alternate plan. Depending on the size of the plan's census, you may choose to input the data again on the DB side. Here are the steps to do it electronically:

a) Create a grid in the DC case with the data that you want to move, e.g., name, SSN, DOB, DOH, DOT, Compensation, Hours, etc. Go to View > Grid > Export to File and Save as type .txt, .xls, or .xlsx.

b) Open up the DB case and run Access > ASCript > Import. For detailed ASCript Import instructions, please refer to the Compliance Training Manual. The Creating a New Variable Import File section begins on page 4-6. The Compliance Training Manual is available in the ASC Main Menu > Help > Manuals and can also be downloaded from the Client Support Center \ Updates & Downloads.