FAQ 734: PPA Reports - Group Formula Table Description Not Appearing on the Summary of Major Plan Provision Report


I am utilizing the group formula table feature. The benefit appears to be calculated correctly. However, when printing the Summary of Major Plan Provisions, the description of the benefit (for Group 1) is blank.


To have a description of your formula appear on the Summary of Major Plan Provisions report, click on the Summary Description tab in the lower right corner of the formula table screen in Table Maintenance and enter the information as you would like it to appear.
If your formula table has no summary description, the description on the Summary of Major Plan Provisions will be blank.

If you want to add a description of the group itself, you can do so by going to Reports > Valuation > PPA DB and clicking on the 'Group Definition' box. Press F1 while the cursor is on the field to learn more about the 'Group Definition' box.