; FAQ 740: Vesting - Excluding Prior Years of Service

FAQ 740: Vesting - Excluding Prior Years of Service


I'm working on the new DB Plan for 2022. The vesting YOS begins with 2020, because of the Predecessor Plan Rules.

So I can't tell ASC to exclude service before the effective date of the Plan, and I can't count total YOS.

How do I code this?


Code the vesting schedule you want to use in Secondary vesting section of the General \ Identification \ VESTING screen. There's a place to exclude service before a specific date in the Secondary vesting section. Then on the individual employee record's Basic Data \ NAME screen code Yes to the Eligible for Secondary vesting field.

You also have the option to use a vesting service override by selecting Yes in the Eligible for Vesting Override field in the NAME screen of employee record. Once Yes is selected for this field, you can manually enter values in the Vesting Start date, Fully Vested date and Years of Vesting in the DATE screen.