; FAQ 840: Budget routine using PPA

FAQ 840: Budget routine using PPA


How can I run a budget routine using PPA?


We have not programmed the budget routine for PPA. If you run the budget routine, it will use the method selected in the Funding Method screen (FUNDMETH) and the assumptions you have coded in the Funding Assumptions screen (FUNDASMP). If you are getting an error, check the specs in those screens. After you run the budget routine, you can check to see if the contribution requirement falls within the minimum and maximum for PPA by running regular valuation calculations with no changes (the net compensation will have been entered in the compensation screen by the budget routine).

If the actual contribution differs from the one calculated by the budget routine, the net compensation will need to be adjusted, and the PPA contribution range will change.

If your budgeted contribution does not fit within the range, change the assumptions in the pre-PPA funding assumptions screen (FUNDASMP) and rerun the budget until it does. You can do this with impunity, since the pre-PPA funding assumptions have no bearing on the PPA assumptions.