FAQ 864: Statements for T status employees


Is there any way to print participant statements for terminated participants?


There are three statements available on the Main ASC menu under Reports > Employee Statements - Basic, Flexible and Cash Balance. Statements for terminated participants can be printed in the Flexible program for traditional plans, and in the Cash Balance program for cash balance plans. See FAQ 868 and Chapter 14 in the DB Reference Manual for detailed information on these statements.

There is also a very basic statement in the Reporter program titled STMTTRM that can be used for traditional plans. Go to Reports > Reporter and choose the db.rms file from the ASC > User directory. If the STMTTRM statement is not in your db.rms file, select the ASC > Reports directory and use the db.rms file there. If you have not modified any of the reporter files on your system, copy the db.rms file to your ASC > User directory each time you receive a complete system update.