; FAQ 872: Error #6 overflow on DB/DC Combo 401(a)(4) test

FAQ 872: Error #6 overflow on DB/DC Combo 401(a)(4) test


When I test them together it says 'Error6=overflow' but they each test fine separately.


The cause for the error typically has to do with data issues within the DB plan. In the bottom left of the Calculation window that shows the Error #6 message you can often find the name of the participant that is triggering the error. Begin by reviewing that participant's record.

The following issues have been known to generate the Error #6 message when running the 401(a)(4) compliance test on combined DB/DC plans:

1) An eligible participant with blank compensation information in the DB plan. Enter compensation in the participant's DB record.

2) An eligible participant with an invalid date like a hire date in the early 1900s. Review the dates and enter corrected dates in the participant's DB record.

3) An ineligible participant (for example, Status E or N) with missing dates like a missing Date NRA Attained. Enter missing dates or change the status to C, run Calculations > Valuation with Partial Calculations and select Eligibility only. Once the missing dates are populated, change the status back to the ineligible status code.

4) A participant coded with a Primary Participant Status of N but no Termination date is entered. Enter the appropriate termination date in the participant's DB record.

5) A participant coded with an invalid Primary Participant Status in the DB plan. Code the appropriate Status for a DB plan employee keeping in mind that status codes in the DC plan are not always available in the DB plan.

6) A blank employee record exists in the plan. In the Employees \ Find Existing menu of the DB plan, locate the blank record and click 'Del EE' to remove the blank record. Once these participant fixes are made the 401(a)4 test should run without error.

If these fixes do not correct the error, consider running Utilities > Data Checks > Employee Data to identify additional data issues.